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3D Printing For Automobile

SLA stereo light-curing 3D printing is mainly used in the automotive industry in the areas of appearance design, structural verification, complex prototypes, and casting. The upstream enterprises involved include OEMs, auto parts factories, etc. The main processing features are: high precision, which can meet the requirements of industrial end product assembly verification; good surface finish effect, reducing post-processing complications; fast processing speed.
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Why Use 3D Printing For Automotive Design?

With the gradual diversification of the properties of photosensitive resins for photocurable molding materials, the applications are becoming wider and wider.

The resin has PP-like properties, and its flexibility is strong, so it can print fasteners with high assembly requirements: ceramic-like materials with a high-temperature resistance of 200 degrees and high hardness and acrylic-like materials with high transparency, which can be used for trial production and verification of automotive lights.

Leverage 3D Printed Automotive Components to Optimize and Deliver New Innovations to Market

58 %
fewer development costs for critical systems
10 X
acceleration of product development projects
50 %
less weight/inertia of the drive shaft
Design Freedom Without Limits

Key Benefits

In automotive manufacturing plants, 3D printing lowers tooling costs – with better designed, lighter tools reaching the line significantly faster. OEM’s and suppliers are investing in additive manufacturing to reduce cost, increase quality and most importantly, save time.

No Storage

On-demand production means that there will be no storage costs, no maintenance costs and no risk of the goods being stolen or damaged.

Infinite Parts

Finding parts for classic and older cars is an expensive and tiring process for car owners. Brose have created a system which takes the stress out of looking for spare parts.

Better Quality

Storing parts for long periods of time can reduce their quality as the parts can be exposed to UV or moisture.


The process is more efficient overall. It minimises material use, storage costs and stops over or under producing the spare parts.

Solutions For Other Industries

3D printing gives your design team freedom to bring ideas to life without the time or financial constraints of traditional manufacturing. With your own 3D printer in-house, you can design and prototype rapidly.
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