SLA Standard Resin

SLA Standard Resin

Super Maker WH01

SLA Standard Resin

As a conventional resin consumable,it is widely used in SLA printer.The printed model has a smooth surface,which is an ideal choice for product sample viewing and prototype design.The surface can also be painted and colored.



Super Maker WH01
standard resin
3D Printing Technology

Resin Specifications

Resin Model SUPER MAKER WH01
Resin Color WHITE
Viscosity 400~480@26℃
Critical Exposure 7.8~8.6
Tensile Modulus 2,638-2,735
Tensile Strength(MPa) 41-58
Elongation At Break 8-11%
Impact Strength, Notched lzod 30-36
Heat Deflection Temperature(°C) 46~60

Relatively delicate surface , with a temperature resistance of 65 ℃, general toughness.


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