Super Maker SLA 1600

Super Maker SLA 1600


Super Maker SLA 1600

SLA 3D printing can achieve resolutions as low as 25 microns, resulting in smooth, detailed surface finishes that are unmatched by FDM and similar in appearance to traditional injection molded parts. It is ideal for product demonstrations or concept mock-ups, organic structures, parts with complex geometries, figurines and other uniquely styled product prototypes. SLA 3D printers have a much smaller print error due to the use of UV lasers as data calibration components.
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ideal for product demonstrations

Main Advantages

Super Maker SLA 1600
3D Printing Technology

Product Specifications

Product Model SUPER MAKER SLA-1600​
Laser Type Pulse, UV, all solid state laser
Wavelength 355NM
Laser Power 3W
Coating Method Automatic vacuum adsorption coating
Print Layer Thickness 0.05-0.2MM
Import File Format SLC
Material Volume 961L, about1200kg
Spot Diameter 0.12-0.6MM
Operating System Win7(32-bit)
Operating Software ZH6.0
Equipment Weight About 1500kg(excluding materials)
Network Type Ethernet
Vertical Repeat Positioning Accuracy ±0.002MM
Horizontal Repeat Positioning Accuracy ±0.001MM
Maximum Manufactured Part Weight 160KG
Reference Fabrication Weight 50-180G/H
Power Supply Parameters 220V/50HZ
Recommended Print Layer Thickness 0.1MM
Maximum Forming Volume 1600×800×600mm(customizable)
Recommended Part Scanning Speed 6000MM/S
Recommended Jumping Speed Of Parts 1200MM/S
Working Ambient Temperature 20-28℃
Equipment Size(W*D*H) 2.50M*1.57M*2.20M
Relative Humidity Of Working Environment <40%
Site Requirements(W*D*H) ≥4M*4M*3M

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